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Indie Blog - June 2021

Nige Silvestri



Indie music is a common term for independent artists. These are musicians who are as yet unsigned to record labels and therefore rely heavily on independent radio stations such as Timeless Hits Radio to get their music heard on the air.

There are so many highly talented, unsigned artists out there. This blog aims to be a supplement to the fabulous Indie music that I and other DJ’s promote on Timeless Hits.

This page is dedicated to all things Indie: new releases, gigs, bio’s etc. I hope you enjoy it!

Amber Wildling Stone


('That Girl Jolene' by Amber Wildling Stone)

The supremely talented Amber Wildling Stone hails from Liverpool – home to many musical legends. Like so many of them, Amber has a mastery of lyrical wizardry coupled with the ability to encase them in beautiful melodies and punchy rock anthems.


Amber describes herself as ‘A vocal story-teller, with narratives that are played out through unique rock-powered and country-lilting vocals; theatrically charged, colourfully animating, catchy and memorable hooks.’ 


Amber released her debut album ‘Complicated Contradiction’ in December 2020, consisting of thirteen such tracks and marking a stunning start to her career. A juxtaposition of sass, playful ‘tongue-in-cheek’ attitude and self-deprecating humour, paired with an uninhibited delve into the parts of ourselves we’d rather ignore, Amber leaves no stone unturned. She dives into the complexities of her psyche, exploring her own psychology, decisions and reality. With a ‘no flowers’ approach, Amber candidly opens the pages of her mind, enabling a rare look into the vulnerability, exasperation, intimacy and sensuality of a woman’s chaotic inner world.


2020’s lockdown affected Amber’s approach to the album, In her own words:


‘In a way, for the more recent songs on the album, lockdown became my muse. When you have so much time alone with yourself, you can’t help but do some reflection. It kind of took over and I went a bit bonkers, but I came out the other side, knowing myself and the different versions of me a lot better.’


On the 12th October 2021, Amber will take to the stage with her band at Jimmy’s in Liverpool to give ‘Complicated Contradiction’ it’s debut live performance. To get tickets for the live album launch, and to find out more about Amber Wildling Stone and her music, click the link on the ad to the right of this article to visit Amber’s website. 


Get a taste of Amber’s music by clicking on the video links to the right of this article, and listen to two of my favourite tracks on the album: ‘Tell Me It’s Right’ and the title track ‘Complicated Contradiction’



    The cover for the new single

‘Time Will Tell’ by Annalise.

Listen to the single by clicking

the link to the right.

Annalise is a young singer/songwriter from Australia; highly motivated and devoted to her craft. She enjoys creating music in a variety of styles such as pop, electronic and rock.


Annalise’s songs range from fairly light and catchy to deep and powerful. She has a unique gift for touching people’s emotions.


Her musical talent becomes evident once the listener is enveloped by the beauty and warmth of her vocals. It is no wonder she is slowly building up a worldwide fan base.


To date, Annalise has released nineteen singles on all major music platforms and is receiving a large amount of airplay on many community radio stations as well as overseas.


Her new single entitled ‘Time Will Tell’ was released at the end of May. Listen to it by clicking the to the right of this article.


Find out more about Annalise on Instagram at anni_z_53 and on Facebook by searching for ‘Annalise’.


Covered In Snow

Covered In Snow consists of Mikael Engstrom and Tom Hedlund. The Swedish duo’s unique synthpop has now been heard on the radio in several countries, as well as on Swedish national television.


They have received great reviews and their song ‘Guilt’ was awarded the seventeenth best song of the year by


The new single by Covered In Snow entitled ‘Glasgow Smile’ was released on Friday 21st May 2021. You can listen to it by clicking the link on the right of this article.

The cover artwork for the new single

‘Glasgow Smile’

by Covered In Snow.

Listen to the single by clicking the link on the right.

In Covered In Snow’s own words:

‘Glasgow Smile’ is a song about a depopulated town. About someone who moved, someone who stayed and someone who no longer exists. About the urge to show that one has become someone. About the fear of losing direction. About the longing for something better.

For us, this song is more than just synthpop; it is what we stand for, where we come from and where we are heading.’

Follow Covered In Snow on SoundCloud!

The Kaplans

The Kaplans are a three-piece rock band from East Kilbride, Scotland. Formed in 2015 by brothers Jim (bass, main vox) and Derek (guitar and vox), they soon got their lifelong friend Colin back on drums.

In their own words:

‘We’ve been playing music together since the late ’80’s, so are mature musicians! We have produced five albums to date and play, record, mix/master and produce all our own work, as well as filming and producing our own videos to enhance our music.’

The Kaplans’ latest single ‘No, No, No’ was released in May 2021 and is available to listen to by clicking the link to the right of this article.

You can follow The Kaplans on Facebook and all of their work is available on all major music platforms.

That’s it for the first Indie Blog!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the fabulous unsigned talent out there! 

Keep watching this space for the next Blog!

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